FOR SALE - PORSCHE CAYENNE S TIPTRONIC - FACELIFT 2007 - First Owner               


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The beautiful Porsche Cayenne S below is sold directly by the 1st owner.
- Private car - 1st owner
- Maintenance: Always by Porsche
- Maintenance booklet & all documents present

(All detail photos at the bottom of this page) 


Brand: Porsche
Type: Cayenne S Tiptronic
Year of construction: 05/2007, MY 2008
HP: 385 - KW: 283
Cyl: 4806 cc
Color: Exterior Meteor Grau Metallic
Interior: two-tone sand beige - Havana full leather
Summer tyres: 275/40 R20 106Y
Winter tyres: 255/55 R18 109V M+S
Yearly Inspection approved until 05/2022
Km: 179,780 km

Default Options

Central door locking
Security interior
Power steering
Front and Side airbags
Porsche Alarm
Handlebar electrically adjustable in height
Height adjustment seats
Electrically adjustable front seats
Folding rear seats
Mirrors electrically foldable
Rain Sensors
Mirrors heated
Heat-resistant glass
Third brake light
Illuminated make-up mirror in sun visors 

Extra Options - (€38,500)

Outdoor equipment
000 - Metallic color - Meteor Gray Metallic
4E7 - Power tailgate
4F2 - Porsche Entry & Drive
7X2 - Park Assist System front/rear
PC1 - Swivel Bi-Xenon Bulbs and Nozzles
PJ2 - Privacy rear windows
000 - 20" - Turbo II Wheel Set
000 - Colored emblems on the rims
000 - 20 "- Turbo II Rims set
000 - 18" - Turbo II Set of wheels Engine - Chassis
1BK - Pneumatic suspension with PASM
1N3 - Servotronic
GOR - Tiptronic S Gearbox
OP8 - Dynamic Sports Exhaust System

CY3 - Cayenne Sport 20" Wheels
95504460049 - 18" Cayenne Turbo II Winter Tire Set with Rim

Indoor equipment
3x1 - Ski bag 
OTD - Carpets with Porsche Logo
PE2 - Comfort Sport seats in the front with memory
000 - Headrests with the Porsche logo
PI1 - Multifunction steering wheel with radio control
PK1 - Heated front seats and steering wheel
95504400017 - Protective shell case
95504480061 - Winter rubber mats front/rear

Leather interior
NS - Full leather two-tone sand beige - havana interior
3J7 - Porsche Crest on headrests

Interior aluminum
5TE - Aluminum Sports Package

Audio & Communication
9VL - Bose Audio System with Woofer Pack
PF1 - Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with Navigation
7G5 - Preparation Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) 

Total options €38,500

Maintenance booklet & full Porsche history available 

                                               Porsche Map Warranty and Maintenance Book

                                            Owner's Manual and Quick Start Guide

                                                Quick start and Porsche Dealer Service 

- Last maintenance performed

      Major Maintenance + Brake Fluid 12.03.2021                                     

- The last major service was carried out on 11.03.2021 by Porsche Rescue 911.
      (Invoices available)

* 12.03 - Major check on 178,826 km for an amount of € 2,275.11 

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Cayenne winter tyres 18"

Cayenne op winter tyres 18" - Turbo II Winter tyers set 
(255/55 R18 109V M+S)

Cayenne op summer tyres 20" 

Cayenne summer tyres 20" - Turbo II summer tyres set 
(275/40 R20 106Y) 

Sport exhaust in combination with PASM

Rotating Bi-Xenon Lamps and headlight washers 

Porsche Entry & Drive Systeem

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Interior: two-tone sand beige - Havana full leather
Comfort Sports seats in the front with 3 memories on seats, steering wheel, belts & mirrors 

Folding heated mirrors - pivoting mirror when in-park  

Full leader

Two-tone Sand Beige - Havana full leather

Multifunction heated steering wheel with radio, BC, CD and Tiptronic controls

Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with Navigation

Pneumatic Suspension with PASM - Full Off Road Settings - SPER 

Pneumatic suspension with PASM - Full SPORT / SPORT / COMFORT / NORMAL 

"Rest" = 20 min. Post-heating of the interior after the engine has been switched off. 

Protection Plate

Ski hatch with bag 

Open ski hatch with bag



With the Face-Lift in 2007, the lights got finer, the shields were reworked, the rear lights were revised and the car got a dynamic "touch".

Under the hood, the V8 was "upgraded" from 4.5 l to a 4.8 l and also received direct injection. With this it gains 35 hp, with a power of 385 hp at 6,200 rpm and a torque of 500 Nm at 3,500 rpm. Suddenly, this Cayenne is also much more economical in consumption. Power and fun are assured when accelerating. In that respect, this engine is undoubtedly a true Porsche. Smooth and soft at low rpm, a racer once above 4,000 rpm.

His acceleration almost explodes when he gets close to the red zone, a real pleasure with every shift.
Equipped with a sporty exhaust (only available on the Cayenne S equipped with Tiptronic), whose sound becomes music when the «sport» button is pressed.
This is certainly not a « gadget » and the result is worth it if you are a fan of it ! The Cayenne S then becomes a GT and the entire engine management is adjusted!

We drove smoothly 250 km/h on the German highways but felt that the beast could go even faster and left many sporty sedans behind us in amazement.
The Cayenne S is so explosive in sport mode and with the manual triptronic transmission it takes off like a rocket, leaving many other sporty types behind.
Fortunately, there is also the manual mode that allows you to drive quietly, with the "sport" mode switched on you can let the neighbors enjoy themselves.

This is absolutely stunning!
A real Porsche at this level, with a perfectly balanced steering system and with powerful braking! To ensure such handling, it has been equipped with numerous electronic gadgets that allow the car to flatten when cornering and give it unparalleled dynamism in the SUV segment. It sticks to the road and is incredibly stable in fast corners in sport mode.

The party starts with the pneumatic suspension that raises (or lowers) the body on six different levels ! After that, the traditional PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) allows you to adjust the suspension according to your needs in three positions: comfort, normal or sport.

The latter is automatically activated if the sensors detect a more dynamic behavior. There is also the PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) which avoids swaying. Note that this option is only compatible with the PASM.
In short, an impressive equipment that is of course expensive in the option list.

On the road, the Cayenne S demonstrates amazing dynamism, flying like a train through curves. This dynamic is lacking in all other SUVs such as the Range Rovers, Mercedes and BMWs. Impressive, and what is even better, is without a doubt its fluency once outside the built-up area. Here one speaks of an SUV that does not pretend, and moreover does not hesitate to plod in the mud. Also top is the active control. The brakes are, as befits a Porsche, of super quality to bring this 2400 kg SUV to a stop.

Here too, the Cayenne S is phenomenal. Equipped with a PASM and pneumatic suspension, our Cayenne S is extremely comfortable. It absorbs imperfections delicately and delicately and is the ideal partner for long journeys.
In addition, the ergonomics are characteristic of the brand, everything is clear, accessible and of the highest quality.

The seats appear blissful and with perfect support. The driving position is ideal and the completeness of the controls should suit each person. The sound damping is perfectly controlled.

Rates and options
This is where it gets more exciting.

It was sold at a base price of €90,000, but once you choose some decent additional options, you will soon lose more than €30,000 for this Cayenne S. The options list is endless.

Front and rear parking sensors for €877.25, the dual xenon front lights (with headlamp wipers) for €1,694, the unavoidable PASM for €3,213,76, the schizophrenic sports exhaust pipes for €2,843,50, the highly effective PDCC system for €3,509, the Tiptronic S box at 2,865,28 €, the multifunction leather steering wheel at 567,49 €, the Bose Hifi installation at 1,452 €, and as usual with this brand it does not stop ....

Porsche has proven with this Cayenne S that the incompatible is compatible by transforming an SUV into a truly sporty vehicle. Whether in terms of handling, engine or comfort, the Cayenne has clearly set new boundaries, leaving its competitors far behind. Introduced in early 2007 as the second generation of the Cayenne S, it was immediately the best Cayenne Porsche has ever produced, even in all the years since the engine has never been matched.
At the moment we are 2021 and the only SUV that surpasses the Cayenne is the Lamborghini URUS, but then we also talk about other prices.

Porsche has seized the facelift of the Cayenne to revise the engine program. This has resulted in, among other things, a new V8 petrol engine for the Cayenne S model. The power increased to 385 hp and that enables the Cayenne S to achieve peppery performance that does justice to its brand name. It accelerates incredibly fast from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds (in sport mode 6.3) and from 50 to 80 km/h the Porsche accelerates with the six-speed tiptronic in just 2.6 seconds.

Thanks to DFI and the variable valve timing VarioCam Plus, the tractive effort increased from 420 to 500 newton metres. The power of 385 hp (283 kW) - that is 45 hp (33 kW) more than before gives the Cayenne S a high unlimited top speed.

There is hardly any leaning in bends. This is thanks to Porsche's high-tech PDCC. The letter combination stands for Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control. PDCC is an extra on the Cayenne S and is only available in combination with air suspension and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). Both are under the influence of the sports button in the center console. By pressing it you choose a firmer adjustment of the engine, suspension and damping.

The drive forces are distributed over four wheels and the grip is phenomenal. In the Cayenne S you don't imagine yourself in an SUV, you can drive that fast. However extreme, watchdog PSM (Porsche Stability Management), which monitors ABS, ASR and the electronic brake force distribution, is always lurking to intervene adequately via the brakes if things really threaten to go wrong. The controls are also remarkably smooth.

The Porsche also asserts itself off the road. This is largely because the Cayenne S is equipped with an extra reduction to conquer really tough terrain. The Porsche plows through the terrain, aided by Porsche Traction Management (PTM), which normally sends 62 percent of the power to the rear wheels and 38 to the front wheels. But the power control can be varied so much that the Cayenne S is a pure front or rear-wheel drive in the worst case; a multi-disc clutch adjusts the power distribution. PSM brakes the wheels that lose traction and also pumps up the car so that the belly of the Porsche continues to run freely.

It is especially striking that this Cayenne S reacts very quickly to the gas. The Cayenne S reacts super fast to every command via the accelerator pedal when starting from a standstill as in all other situations. This Cayenne proves to be extremely comfortable both on back roads and on the highway. You never have the feeling of steering in a large and heavy (2,320 kg) car. Only one judgment can be made about the 4.8 liter engine of the Cayenne S: sublime and indestructible!

The 4.8 liter engine can be heard well when the gas is pressed with a nice dark sound. If you set the mode to "Sport" you have an even better sound.
When cruising on the highway, the car is top in terms of comfort. The comfortable and high seat with a spacious view of the traffic makes driving very relaxed.

Built to last a lifetime, this Cayenne S 4.8 liter, naturally aspirated eight cylinder engine is simply indestructible. Certainly the best engine of all models Porsche has ever made for the Cayenne, even in 2021.